Miracoil attends the EU Green Week 2018

Brussels, 23 May, Miracoil solutions took part​ in the Green week, from 21 to 24 May in Brussels. The core topic of the event was the measures being taken by the European Union (EU) to promote the transformation of cities into better places to live and work from the point of view of quality of life and environmental sustainability. In relation to sustainability, this event​  highlighted political advances in air quality and noise reduction, nature and biodiversity and water and waste management, through a more participatory approach in the urban environment.

Miracoil at the EUGW

During the course of the week,  Miracoil scheduled several meetings with EU organisations, institutions and companies identified as potential clients. 



During those meetings  Miracoil’s representatives explained their technology and the economical and environmental benefits that it could bring to municipalities. Basically, their technology uses a Thermo-Mechanical  Cracking Process ®  to transform all kind of waste (MSW, textile, used oils, health care waste,etc) into a high quality second generation fuel

This process has many benefits,​ such as avoiding landfills and it subsequent GHG emissions or economical as it makes money out of a resource that nowadays its being thrown away. Although it was a short trip and everyone’s agenda was quite busy, Miracoil found it’s way to meet the following entities: 

EMGRISAcompany for Industrial Waste Management. General director of Emgrisa, Mariano Marinez Cepa, the general director of the Finnova Foundation, Juan Manuel Revuelta and the general director of Miracoil, Jose Ramon Pamies Boera had a meeting to share experiences and ideas,

 since all these companies work on projects related to the protection and conservation of the environment, advocating circular economy through the reuse of waste.

Municipal waste europe (MWE) is the European umbrella association representing public responsibility for waste management. There was a meeting between MWE’s CEO, Vanya Veras and Miracoil‘s representatives. Miracoil proposed an innovative waste management  solution to MWE to be extended to all the cities that this organisation represents.

Meeting with Mrs. Vanya Veras from MWE


European Diesel Board (EBB), association that promotes the use of biodiesel in the EU, bring​s​ together the main biodiesel producers in the EU.  Raffaello Garofalo, General Secretary of EBB, received Miracoil’s representative at EBB headquarters. The meeting was fruitful and set up preliminary scenario to be explored in the upcoming months.

Meeting with Mr Raffaello Garofalo







Sebastià Sansó i JaumeDirector General of Environmental Education, Environmental Quality and Waste of the Balearic Governmentwas a​speaker of  the Green week. During the meeting Mr. Sansò explained Palma’s idiosyncrasy and Miracoil presented a tailored solution to overcome its  waste management challenge to be further discussed in the next months. Palma is a beautiful island that unfortunately has no means to offer a clean and sustainable solution to its waste challenge resulting from tourism. 

Meeting with the ambassador of Dominican Republic. Over the years Miracoil has developed a good relationship with several Central American countries. The meeting held with Mr. Leonel Mateo Hernández, representative of the Dominican Republic embassy, was enriching and full of  good intentions and specific actions. The participants scheduled a forthcoming meeting to further discuss Miracoil’s solution in a wide range of Central American countries. 

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