Our solution

TMCP®  is a patented new technology that is capable of converting several types of waste used as feedstock, into high quality biodiesel (third generation) to clean the environment, to substitute fossil fuels and fulfilling the environmental and social goals of a Circular Economy.

Given the global nature of the problem and the transferability of the solution, it can solve a big environmental problem and be a local energy supplier, mainly in non developed countries. It also presents a suitable process to reduce GHG emissions generated by anaerobic methane generation at landfills and avoid the waste transport over large distances.

The beneficiaries are mainly the environment, municipalities and other waste generating entities, users of fuel and by products produced, and society in general. Direct benefits are approximate zero dumping in landfills, empty and clean up landfills, bio fuel directly useful for transport and do it all at a cost efficient operation through a guaranteed industrial plant maintenance for 20 years.

TMCP’s disruptive technology presents numerous advantages over other waste treatment and disposal systems. It removes a broad range of waste without the need to separate the input materials (except glass and metals). Its investment cost is lower than most of its competitors. The sub end products are not contaminated. It is energy self sufficient.