Evidence of effectiveness

The TMCP technology currently is in TRL 6, as it has passed the lab phase with positive results: a prototype has been developed and has been tested in a relevant environment in the facilities of the University of Seville, where some tests were performed with different raw materials.

It has also passed the test batch production to demonstrate the product features of the diesel produced. It has been verified that using waste is feasible to obtain biofuel diesel similar to a fuel for automotive commercial uses, but cleaner, as shown by an independent chemical analysis certified by the University of Rio do Janeiro (Prof. Donato AG Aranda) and by the Public Department of Industry of Castilla La Mancha (Spain).

MIRACOIL has recently been granted a Project Climate award through the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, focused on the CO2 emission reduction rights.

Previous Performance

The engineer technologist began his research on Molecular Breakdown in 1988. In 2002 there were carried out trials at laboratory level by using innovative techniques, achieving by the first time the breakdown of molecules. In 2007 the TMCP patent was registered.

We propose the creation of a new business model humanly sustainable (not only financially and environmentally sustainable). This effort requires the full commitment of people in project management, adequate financing, sufficient autonomy and establishment of local strategic partnerships (private partners, public partners, public entities) along with the development of a different logic in the distribution of resources and results.

We can do it.